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like old times

Today felt like one of those days back when I had orders nonstop every week. I got home from work, took the cookie dough I made Sunday out of the fridge ┬áto soften, made two 8” chocolate cakes and then four dozen ribbon – shaped cookies. All before 9pm, phew! Believe it or not, I […]

caramel apple cake

I think I may have found the cake I’m going to make for Thanksgiving…. we are having enough people this year for both a pie AND a cake!

cookies and cream

I am surprised it look me this long to put these two divine sweets together… ready? This is so easy anyone can do it… Smash up some oreos (these are double stuffed, but that really isn’t necessary since we’re adding plenty of creme) Make up a batch of buttercream. I suggest swiss meringue, but any […]

hello chocolate

While my vanilla cake might be my favorite, I also have a soft spot for this chocolate cake. It isn’t the ultimate recipe (which I am still searching for) but it is very close. I honestly think the key to getting an incredible chocolate cake is, quite simply, the chocolate. Some call for chocolate squares […]

rosette birthday cake

I came across this gorgeous cake on I Am Baker and decided I’d try it the next time I made a cake – look how simple but pretty this is – all you need is a 1M open star-tip. … and you can put a flower on a sugar cookie for a lovely but easy […]

guilty pleasure: party of two

Valentine’s Day.. a fancy ending to a home-cooked meal… It’s our guilty pleasure. 27 days until vacation and we’ve vowed to get in bathing-suit shape. However we decided to splurge tonight. I made Pasta Puttanesca for dinner – a relatively healthy dinner. But decided on our favorite dessert to end a wonderful weekend! Copy down […]

rainbow sprinkles

I love rainbow sprinkles. They just remind me of being little and making cupcakes. I made a cake for our intern and used a whole bottle! The cake was my original white cake recipe. Sean’s favorite flavors were strawberry and banana. So I altered my raspberry filling recipe to create a strawberry filling. Easy enough, […]

typical sunday

A couple weekends ago, Brandon went to Virginia Tech to do some bro-ing with his Phi Tau’s. I woke up Sunday morning bored and decided I’d bake something. I found this recipe in the latest Cook’s Illustrated: Wicked good huh? Ok I’ll try it. If you’ve never flipped through a Cook’s Country or Cook’s Illustrated, […]

lego cake

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I have made a few confections lately. Brandon requested a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream for his birthday and I wanted to make it special, so I decided on a lego themed cake. I decided to throw in some vanilla bean too! I love the black speckles and […]

charlotte geary photography

Charlotte was so kind as to send me the beautiful pictures she took of the desserts I made for Stephanie and Dave. They turned out beautiful! Check out her site at!