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Category Archives: food for thought

avocado frosting

wait… what??? I love avocados… this could be interesting… from How Sweet It Is

maybe one day…

I walk past this store front every time I go from work to the Daily Grind weekday mornings. It would be the PERFECT spot for Kara’s Cakery. Fell’s Point doesn’t have a stand-out cupcake/cake shop. I’m secretly hoping I get a call one day from someone with more money than they know what to do […]

caramel apple cake

I think I may have found the cake I’m going to make for Thanksgiving…. we are having enough people this year for both a pie AND a cake!

happy america day!

Hope everyone had/is having a lovely fourth! Brandon and I ate early and are now suffering from food comas. Other than some amazing burgers, we had two recipes we wanted to try – jalapeno poppers and a red, white and blueberry pie. I tried┬áthe Pioneer Woman’s┬áDreamy Apple Pie, but amended a little to include some […]

guilty pleasure: party of two

Valentine’s Day.. a fancy ending to a home-cooked meal… It’s our guilty pleasure. 27 days until vacation and we’ve vowed to get in bathing-suit shape. However we decided to splurge tonight. I made Pasta Puttanesca for dinner – a relatively healthy dinner. But decided on our favorite dessert to end a wonderful weekend! Copy down […]


Even I make mistakes … this is what happens when you leave cupcakes in too long… And never substitute fruit juices for water. Add the lime or lemon juice after you’ve completed your white cake recipe. Why? Well its chemistry. Acidic juice does not equal water. Your cupcakes will shrink up and pull away from […]

cinnamon goodness

I had a craving for cinnamon bread so I decided I’d try to make some. My favorite is from Baker’s Crust Restaurant back in Norfolk, mostly because the cinnamon is ooey gooey and it tastes amazing toasted with butter. Thanks to Google, I ended up with Pioneer Woman’s recipe. After making the dough and letting […]

cheese – please and thank you

We made mini mac and cheese’s for my work potluck the other night. I love mac and cheese. Especially in bite-sized form. Don’t ask me for the recipe – it is Brandon’s secret mac and cheese concoction. Happy Saturday!

yeast take 2: success!

I’m not sure if you recall my first real encounter with yeast, but it didn’t go so well. Earlier last week, Brandon’s co-worker Greg gave him a pizza crust recipe we wanted to try. Of course we can never agree on pizza toppings, so we settled on a pizza cook off! I didn’t take pictures, […]

yeast… FAIL

I have to admit, I’d never worked with yeast – minus the times when I was little and made rolls with my grandma, but those were rolls and she’d probably done it well over 100 times. I followed the directions perfectly – measured the temp of my milk, let the dough rise for exactly 45 […]