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Collection of posts about invitations, save-the-dates, programs, etc

lots of note cards

It had been awhile since I pulled out my stamps and stationary! A good friend of the family ordered note cards for both herself and her daughter-in-law that is expecting! 40 note cards takes a little while to run through the printer and as I was doing so, I learned that I have another assistant/supervisor. […]


Well not quite yet, but I am so close! I’m still working out a few details and I have some pages to finish, but I’m so excited I figured I’d push it through. Once I finish, it will be back on my domain, so when you type in, it will show up instead of the […]

lots of color

I may not be a hoarder by clinical standards, but I like to buy/collect/hoard anything colorful and related to crafts/baking. I don’t decorate our home with rainbow colors, or wear rainbow colored clothing. I just like to decorate colorful confections and create colorful paper products. I have a giant box of multicolored cardstock. It may […]

new logo

Sadly, the current Kara’s Cakery logo will be no more once the new website is up. (Yes I know I’ve been saying this forever but I promise the new website is coming soon!) Back before Kara’s Cakery started, I whipped up a logo in paint. It turned out to be the logo I used… but […]

cupcake liner crafts

I came across this little crafty idea and thought I’d share! Learn how to make this cupcake paper flower here. After you master that, maybe you can try cupcake liner wall art, garland, and gift wrap!

kara’s cakery stationary in rochester, michigan

Exciting news!! If you ever frequent the Rochester, Michigan area, stop into Bark Place Avenue and buy some of my handcrafted doggie stationary!!

new website coming soon

  The Kara’s Cakery website should be updated very VERY soon. It’s taking a little longer than I hoped, but there will be lots of new info and much better pictures!

i’m in love…

…with my latest investment. As stationary orders grow, I’ve felt the needto make them more professional. I am proud to say that I used my HP All-In-One printer for most of my business print-jobs and projects.. until last night. After much research, I decided to give up my college printer (yes it was my college printer, […]

PW wednesday: real wedding – amy and charlie

With the chaos of being snowed-in last week and having to go to work since I work for a financial office that services 12 sister banks that need their money whether there’s no snow or three feet of snow, I didn’t get a lot of time to blog last week. So hopefully this will make […]

i’m gonna buy it…

I’m going to do it… after reading several reviews (mostly good) about the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Kit – I’m going to try it! Since they released it last fall, they’ve come out with new printing plates – which gives me faith that they will KEEP creating new plates. They’ve also released the option to create […]