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baltimore themed groom’s cake

Long time, no post! I’ve been meaning to post pictures of this fun Baltimore cake! A good friend of ours asked me to make the groom’s cake for their rehearsal dinner. The groom grew up in Maryland and they both lived in Baltimore so it made sense to have a Baltimore themed cake. Together we came up with the idea of having Boh and the Boh girl on the top.

In addition to the Boh’s, I incorporated some noteable and favorite Baltimore spots into a skyline around the cake. Among them were the Domino Sugar Factory, Jack’s Bistro, M&T Stadium, the aquarium and the Patterson Park Pagoda.

Oh and did I mention the flavors? Tom loves his lager so I made a chocolate lager cake with chocolate ganache in the middle. Under the fondant was a yummy layer of bourbon buttercream.

Congrats Tom and Andrea!

Baltimore Bride dishes on the WBAL segment

I had so much fun meeting Janelle, the Managing Editor of Baltimore Bride. Check out her blog post about our morning at WBAL here!

kara’s cakery on WBAL

This past week has been a whirlwind! Katey and Ashley of Lemon and Lime Event Design invited me to help them with a segment on WBAL on wedding cake alternatives. Not only to contribute some of those “alternatives” but to help design the table setupof dessert alternatives.

We decided on the two alternatives that LLED used for their shoot in Baltimore Bride magazine: snow cones by Xtreme Snow and ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes by Canton Cold Stone. In addition, I made some decorated sugar cookies for a cookies & milk alternative as well as wedding cake shooters!

for more details on the segment, head over to the house blog!

race for the cure

October came and went… where does the time go? We had our annual Bake Sale to benefit Susan G. Komen again not only did I donate cookies, but I also ran the Race for the Cure 5k!

I chose to make chocolate roll-out cookies and decorated them pink-ribbon style.

It was a chilly morning for a run, but certainly worth it. Morgan Stanley helped raise over $10,000 this year! I was lucky to have the Hubbs to cheer me on.

the competition: IcedGems Creations

Word travels fast when the IcedGems truck pulls up out front here in Baltimore. Sometimes we get an email, other times a co-worker comes up with a clear plastic container of the colorfully decorated desserts. And on days like today, you come back from lunch to find a cupcake personally delivered from a co-worker who feels the need to spread the sugar-love. I was trying to be good but I gave in… and figured I’d write up a review of IcedGems while I was at it.

 At first glance, I like this cupcake. It’s hard to produce a perfectly baked cupcake with perfectly round edges. This one looks like it is having an off day and so am I so I’m liking it already. Looking at the website, I assume this flavor is:

Vanilla Vanilla – So good they named it twice! A luscious vanilla cake topped with buttercream flavored with pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.

 … but after one bite, the glory ended. While the cake had a nice, home baked flavor, it was a little dry. The icing was rock solid. May I remind you that it is hot outside and a butter or even shortening based frosting would soften up in anything higher than 35F (aka not in the fridge)?

Rock solid icing tells me two things… 1) 90% of it is pure powdered sugar 2) it is going to be really really sweet.

APPEARANCE: Like I said – I liked the cupcake from the start because it wasn’t perfect.

CAKE: Good taste – a little dry. I can taste the butter and milk. Not bad.

FROSTING: Ick – too sweet. It reminds me of the Wilton Decorating Class recipe with Crisco and tons of powdered sugar and water. I like REAL buttercream.

OVERALL:  Meh – I won’t feel so tempted the next time that truck is sitting outfront. Sorry IcedGems.

 I give this IcedGems Cupcake:

Two cakes. I’m jealous that I don’t get to ride around in a truck and sell my cupcakes, but I wouldn’t want to sell these. They’d be okay if I had a TERRIBLE cupcake craving, but I’d otherwise pass.  

cupcake photos from Meghan Boyer Photography

Here are some of the professional shots from Brian and Lorene’s wedding. Meghan Boyer did an amazing job!!



lemon goodness

I made lemon curd a really long time ago and it was amazing – ever since then, I’ve been dying to make a lemon cake. I got the chance a couple weeks ago when I took it upon myself to kick off our department’s birthday tradition. When I asked Christine what her favorite dessert flavors were, she replied “anything lemon or lime.” I did a little jig in my chair.

I made my classic vanilla cake and added some vanilla beans that I got on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Then I made lemon curd and let it cool overnight. The next day, I whipped up a batch of my Swiss Buttercream and added some lime juice. Not a lot, just enough to give it a little hint of citrus.

When one assembles a multi-layer cake, you have to level your cakes. This involves cutting off the rounded top of the cake. That never goes to waste in our house. This is what we did with the scraps this time… added a little leftover lemon curd and buttercream. YES.

Anyway, here is the finished product. I made candied lemons for decoration. They are a lot easier than I thought – just slice thin and boil in a mixture of 1:1 water and sugar until the rinds become translucent.

I didn’t tint it yellow – I think the lemon slices make it look more yellow. Or maybe its the iphone picture quality. Here’s a picture of a slice – my FAVORITE part about cutting a cake!


baby shower cake pops

Ashley, of Lemon and Lime, ordered some fun baby shower cake pops a few weeks ago. Her sister is having TWIN GIRLS and she wanted some sweets for the baby shower guests.

She ordered pink and purple pops with white nonpareils. Check out the post about the shower on their blog here. Below are a few pictures I stole from the post : ) Ashley made the adorable tags.


german chocolate cupcakes

Remember this recipe of delicious goodness? Well, my good friends of Lemon and Lime needed a German chocolate cake for cutting at a wedding. Que the go-to recipe. But it was only a 5” cake, so I used the remaining ingredients to make these lovely little morsels.

I packaged them up and took them to work – my coworkers were grateful, as usual.

Stay tuned for some fun people treats to support BARCS!

on my to-do/to-learn list

Now that the wedding stuff is done – I hope to get back to baking. Here are a few things on my to-do/to-learn how to-do list:

These beautiful frosting daffodils – by i am baker 

These incredible ombre cakes – and the little fondant butterflies – by glorious treats 

Fancy icing flowers like these – by TheFancyLadyGourmet