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Useful tips for everyday baking!

useful tip tuesday: practice makes perfect

I wanted to blog about everything I’ve been up to lately and I know I haven’t posted a UTT, so I figured I’d roll it into one. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but practice really does make perfect. If you are a perfectionist like I am, you want it to come out […]


Well not quite yet, but I am so close! I’m still working out a few details and I have some pages to finish, but I’m so excited I figured I’d push it through. Once I finish, it will be back on my domain, so when you type in, it will show up instead of the […]

useful tip tuesday: real BUTTERcream

  While mixing up a giant batch of my meringue buttercream, I started thinking about the color. My buttercream has a ivory/pale yellowish color. Every retail store’s buttercream is pure white. Butter is yellow – so why isn’t buttercream yellow? Well this sort of goes back to my blog post about the mystery of grocery […]

useful tip tuesday: make your own vanilla

I’m starting to use more and more vanilla beans in my recipes that call for vanilla extract. As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, the flavor difference is pretty amazing. After I scrape my tiny little beans out of the shell and dump them into my mixer, I feel bad throwing away the remains. I’ve read […]

useful tip tuesday: tutorials and youtube

I get so many questions about how I learned to do all of the baking and decorating that I do and people are surprised that I haven’t had any professional training – except for my Wilton Decorating Class #1 of course. First of all, you have to have an genuine interest in learning how to […]

useful tip tuesday: bourbon vanilla

Last Tuesday was Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream cone day so I went over to Pitango and got some gelato (since they probably weren’t getting any customers…). I always get chocolate hazelnut and bourbon vanilla. While I was waiting for the nice gelato lady to do some fancy swirl thing on the top of […]

useful tip tuesday: the perfect sugar cookies

My mom always hated making sugar cookies because they stuck to the table when you rolled them out and the ends always turned brown. Well – here are a few tips for making the perfect sugar cookies! 1) First of all – be patient. If the dough needs to be refrigerated, do it. This will allow […]

useful tip tuesday: cracking eggs

My mom can crack an egg with one hand and it goes into the bowl perfectly – like the shell cracks neatly along the middle, right in half. And Brandon can too – right into the cast iron skillet on Sunday mornings. Well I can’t – I ALWAYS manage to get a bit of shell […]

new installment for tuesdays

I don’t have any formal pastry training or a degree from a fancy culinary institute. I just like to bake. When I was little, I was given the privilege to mix up the brownies while my sister sat on the kitchen counter eagerly watching… and the best part was that my grandma let us lick […]