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kelly’s snickerdoodles

Brandon is a sucker for snickerdoodles. I’m always searching for the best cookie recipes. Over the winter holidays, my cousin made amazing snickerdoodles and I finally got around to making them. Here’s where the Penzey‘s Cinnamon Sugar comes in handy again – and with a shake of pumpkin spice as well. Using my new air […]

cinnamon goodness

I had a craving for cinnamon bread so I decided I’d try to make some. My favorite is from Baker’s Crust Restaurant back in Norfolk, mostly because the cinnamon is ooey gooey and it tastes amazing toasted with butter. Thanks to Google, I ended up with Pioneer Woman’s recipe. After making the dough and letting […]

cheese – please and thank you

We made mini mac and cheese’s for my work potluck the other night. I love mac and cheese. Especially in bite-sized form. Don’t ask me for the recipe – it is Brandon’s secret mac and cheese concoction. Happy Saturday!

happy st. patty’s day

Ever since I brought cupcakes for breakfast at work, I’ve had a few requests for more. So I figured I’d whip up some St. Patty’s Day cupcakes. I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe but with some Callebaut cocoa = heaven! We also charged the battery in the Nikon (finnnaaalllyyyy) so I had to take […]

lego cake

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I have made a few confections lately. Brandon requested a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream for his birthday and I wanted to make it special, so I decided on a lego themed cake. I decided to throw in some vanilla bean too! I love the black speckles and […]

yeast… FAIL

I have to admit, I’d never worked with yeast – minus the times when I was little and made rolls with my grandma, but those were rolls and she’d probably done it well over 100 times. I followed the directions perfectly – measured the temp of my milk, let the dough rise for exactly 45 […]

charlotte geary photography

Charlotte was so kind as to send me the beautiful pictures she took of the desserts I made for Stephanie and Dave. They turned out beautiful! Check out her site at!

cookie decorating class

I FINALLY got around to loading cookie class pictures! The class was a lot of fun! I started off by explaining the chemistry of baking – the fats, liquids, thickeners, leaveners, etc. Then the fun part! We colored the royal icing and I taught everyone how to fill a piping bag with the stiff consistency […]

good news!

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I will be taking very few orders over the next several months… why you might ask? Well that’s the good news! Last Friday, Brandon and I got in the car to go to Atlantic City for the weekend. After we passed the exit […]

wedding shower cake & cookie class preperation

Here is a recent order for a wedding shower cake – genuine buttercream with white fondant flowers. This order called for a lot of buttercream so I obviously made a huge batch. One thing I learned was that the proportion of meringue to butter doesn’t always translate in a big batch. While this batch turned […]