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yeast… FAIL

I have to admit, I’d never worked with yeast – minus the times when I was little and made rolls with my grandma, but those were rolls and she’d probably done it well over 100 times. I followed the directions perfectly – measured the temp of my milk, let the dough rise for exactly 45 minutes but my final product was no where near these:

I’m talking about Ali’s Baked Doughnuts. She makes everything look easy. So I rolled and cut my doughnuts:

Placed them on the cookie sheet:

And this is what I got:

I just have to laugh. First, I didn’t have a 3 inch round cutter on hand so I figured I’d make mini doughnuts – but that didn’t work since the dough rose too much and then the hole filled in.. (yes those are my sad attempt at baking the holes) They had a slightly tough, baked outside – very similar to a roll. But they also tasted very similar to a pretzel. So how do you remedy a failed yeast-doughnut-pretzel roll? BUTTER, CINNAMON and SUGAR!

While they are a far cry from a baked doughnut, they turned out pretty tasty! The inside was much like a roll/pretzel, not quite soft enough to be a doughnut. 15 seconds in the microwave:

Of course whenever a recipe requires a cookie cutter, I can’t help myself:

Doughnut pretzel roll dog!

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