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Category Archives: cupcakes

the competition: georgetown cupcake

A few weekends ago, we had a craving for Mon Ami Gabi. When I lived in Reston, there was one down the street in the town center and it is an AMAZING restaurant. Anyway, our friends Chris and Bridget met us at the Mon Ami in Bethesda and we had dinner together. If you are […]

new show dc cupcakes: fakery at the bakery

I wasn’t originally going to blog about this new show, as I was hesitant to give my opinion. But so many people have asked me about it I figured it was worth a blog entry. Long story short: I was incredibly surprised at how staged the show events were. And I could barely get through 15 […]

jalapeno cupcake: fail

I guess it wasn’t a complete fail because it did look pretty, but unless you LOVE jalapenos, I’m going to have to retire this recipe. Since I was trying a new chocolate cake recipe, I figured I’d make a few jalapeno cupcakes (since we have a jungle of them and all). So I cut up […]

cupcake display

If I were to open a cupcake shop, I would certainly display my cupcakes like this! Check out more at Lick It, Bite It, Or Both!

what’s on a cupcake?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to think of a unique way to “brand” my cupcakes. I use various piping designs so that doesn’t work… maybe some kind of fondant accessory? The most famous cupcake shops do this: Sprinkles Cupcakesall over the US use their signature circle sprinkles in various colors   Georgetown […]

the competition: red velvet cupcakery

  I haven’t evaluated the competition yet because it hasn’t opened, but a Red Velvet Cupcakery is going up in Reston Town Center, caddy corner to my office. I’d never heard of them but apparently there are two in DC. A co-worker mentioned it being competition for me. Eh, I’m not worried. First of all, […]


Well not quite yet, but I am so close! I’m still working out a few details and I have some pages to finish, but I’m so excited I figured I’d push it through. Once I finish, it will be back on my domain, so when you type in, it will show up instead of the […]

lots of color

I may not be a hoarder by clinical standards, but I like to buy/collect/hoard anything colorful and related to crafts/baking. I don’t decorate our home with rainbow colors, or wear rainbow colored clothing. I just like to decorate colorful confections and create colorful paper products. I have a giant box of multicolored cardstock. It may […]

the competition: community canteen take 2

So I decided to give Community Canteen cupcakes another chance… or maybe it’s just because I start Weight Watchers tomorrow. Anyway – I picked a mini vanilla one. APPEARANCE: They put it in the same box as the standard ones – so being a mini size, the top didn’t get squished. But it did take […]

blue and green cake

Here’s a pretty spread over at PW! It would be lovely for a small wedding or gathering. Enjoy!