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the competition: community canteen take 2

So I decided to give Community Canteen cupcakes another chance… or maybe it’s just because I start Weight Watchers tomorrow. Anyway – I picked a mini vanilla one.

APPEARANCE: They put it in the same box as the standard ones – so being a mini size, the top didn’t get squished. But it did take a little tumble in the box before I got upstairs. I thought it was a cute little cupcake – the rainbow sprinkles were a nice touch.

CAKE: Not too bad. It wasn’t as rich as I was expecting as most home-made cakes are. Given that the other one tasted like box cake, maybe this one was too. I’m only about 40% sure this time though.

FROSTING:Really really good! It was similar to the chocolate buttercream in that it was truly a real buttercream. Very light. Not over sweet and had that airy vanilla bean taste! Or at least I thought those were vanilla beans…

OVERALL:  Not bad for a sweet little snack. MUCH tastier than the chocolate. In fact I got a mini one so that if I didn’t like it – I wouldn’t feel guilty wasting much of it. (ok ok maybe it was because I got a peanut butter cookie too).

I give the Community Canteen Vanilla Cupcake:

Two and a half cakes! Not bad – there are a few other places I’d go for a cupcake before going here, but if I were craving a cupcake at work I’d buy it again! But only because they are across the breeze way.

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