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the competition: red velvet cupcakery


I haven’t evaluated the competition yet because it hasn’t opened, but a Red Velvet Cupcakery is going up in Reston Town Center, caddy corner to my office. I’d never heard of them but apparently there are two in DC. A co-worker mentioned it being competition for me. Eh, I’m not worried. First of all, my cupcakes taste good. If I had any doubt, I wouldn’t say that. And that’s what I’ve been told. So if one person is lying, then everyone must be lying to me. Second of all, my cupcakes aren’t stupid expensive. It looks like these are going to be $3.25 each and $36.00 for a dozen. Or over $4.00 a cupcake like the silly little cake shop down the street. And third of all, (well this really depends on preference), I think mine are slightly more visually appealing. But that’s just me. Here are a few of the reviews I found on google:

“These cupcakes are dry and the lacking in taste”

“…in terms of variety, flavor, and quality I think that RV has it all over the other competitors”

“OK products, nothing to write home about..‎‎”
“I hate all kinds of cake but I was told to just try one and I was incredibly surprised.”
“They were out of red velvet so I got a chocolate. It was VERY dry & the frosting was hard.”
Very mixed reviews… Looks like I’ll have to save up some Weight Watchers points and try one out when they open! I also have some new flavors I need to try out – there are several newbies here at work. Perhaps I’ll bring some to work next week : ) Above photo is from the Red Velvet Cupcakery website.

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