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happy (belated) valentine’s day

I love simple sugar cookies with royal icing. I decided to make some heart cookies for Valentine’s Day. Michael’s had a great set of heart cookie cutters with all different sizes. And as usual, my little supervisor was close by: The finished product: I couldn’t resist! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

will you be my bridesmaid?

This weekend I whipped up some beautifully decorated sugar cookies to include in a wedding package for my bridal party! Head over to my wedding blog to check it out!

cookie decorating class

I FINALLY got around to loading cookie class pictures! The class was a lot of fun! I started off by explaining the chemistry of baking – the fats, liquids, thickeners, leaveners, etc. Then the fun part! We colored the royal icing and I taught everyone how to fill a piping bag with the stiff consistency […]

wedding shower cake & cookie class preperation

Here is a recent order for a wedding shower cake – genuine buttercream with white fondant flowers. This order called for a lot of buttercream so I obviously made a huge batch. One thing I learned was that the proportion of meringue to butter doesn’t always translate in a big batch. While this batch turned […]

crabby cookies and my first cookie class

It has been a very busy week! I just finished up a large order of blue crab sugar cookies and I’m working on the final plans for a cookie decorating class I’m teaching here at work! The cookies are for a wedding this weekend. The bride-to-be wanted crab shaped cookies, iced in a medium blue royal icing […]

useful tip tuesday: practice makes perfect

I wanted to blog about everything I’ve been up to lately and I know I haven’t posted a UTT, so I figured I’d roll it into one. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but practice really does make perfect. If you are a perfectionist like I am, you want it to come out […]


Well not quite yet, but I am so close! I’m still working out a few details and I have some pages to finish, but I’m so excited I figured I’d push it through. Once I finish, it will be back on my domain, so when you type in, it will show up instead of the […]

happy fourth!

lots of color

I may not be a hoarder by clinical standards, but I like to buy/collect/hoard anything colorful and related to crafts/baking. I don’t decorate our home with rainbow colors, or wear rainbow colored clothing. I just like to decorate colorful confections and create colorful paper products. I have a giant box of multicolored cardstock. It may […]

blue and green cake

Here’s a pretty spread over at PW! It would be lovely for a small wedding or gathering. Enjoy!