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… i’m back! and some homemade looking textured cakes

Yes I’m finally back from my Vegas, beach, wedding extravaganza vacation. After cleaning  up my WP dashboard (aka marking 67834567 comments as spam) here I am to write a new post – which I’m sure you’ve been eagerly awaiting. I don’t have a Useful Tip Tuesday (other than don’t spend more than 3-4 days in Vegas […]

useful tip tuesday: creating a dam

There are a few instances in baking and decorating when a dam is extremely helpful. One: When filling and frosting a cake. You have the bottom layer of your cake and you would usually just spread your filling over the top then place the top layer of cake on top of that. Well… what if […]

how to: a basic shaped cake

If you asked me to do a shaped cake a year ago… I wouldn’t have agreed until I found a shaped cake pan which, as you can imagine, can be quite limiting. If you’ve ever watched Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss, they stack layers of cake and frosting and then use their giant cake knives […]

useful tip tuesday: make your own vanilla

I’m starting to use more and more vanilla beans in my recipes that call for vanilla extract. As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, the flavor difference is pretty amazing. After I scrape my tiny little beans out of the shell and dump them into my mixer, I feel bad throwing away the remains. I’ve read […]

doggie delight birthday muffins

I’m very fond of dogs – that’s just a common fact about me. Even more fond of dachshunds, but I love all dogs. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to make some dog-friendly birthday treats. After researching a few recipes, I decided to try some PB Doggie Delights. How could a […]

german chocolate cake

This past Friday was my father’s birthday and we traveled home to visit so I obviously made a cake. He has two favorites – German Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cake with Aunt Ninny’s White Icing. Aunt Ninny’s White Icing is my great aunt’s white icing and it is A-MAZ-ING. But I decided to try out a […]

cupcake liner crafts

I came across this little crafty idea and thought I’d share! Learn how to make this cupcake paper flower here. After you master that, maybe you can try cupcake liner wall art, garland, and gift wrap!