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useful tip tuesday: creating a dam

There are a few instances in baking and decorating when a dam is extremely helpful.

One: When filling and frosting a cake. You have the bottom layer of your cake and you would usually just spread your filling over the top then place the top layer of cake on top of that. Well… what if you press down too hard and your filling oozes out – and it is something colorful such as raspberry and your icing is white! You want to keep that lovely red goo in its place and not mixed into your white buttercream! The solution? A frosting dam. Before adding the filling, just pipe a thick dam of the same frosting you will use to ice your cake.

You can do this with something as simple as a ziplock bag! Then fill with your filling and add the top layer of cake. A quick shortcut to keep your frosting the color it should be without any filling peeking through.

Two: When flooding cookies! If you know how to flood cookies, you probably already know to use a dam. Using your royal icing, create an outline. Let dry for about 20 minutes, then flood your cookie. Some use a thinner consistency icing to flood, some don’t. But the semi-hardened dam will help keep the flooding icing in and a clean outline on the cookie!

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