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the infamous pupcake thief…

… an incident that will live on in this office forever…

Remember the pupcakes that I made for a doggie birthday party?

.. yea those. With the grilled chicken treats and beggin’ strips? Well there’s a small detail I left out – sort of on purpose because I was so mad. Let me re-tell the details of that day:

So I come into work early – as usual.  These dog cupcakes were an order for a co-worker, Mike, so I conveniently placed them in the office fridge. I was so excited about these that I left the sticker off the top of the box so that my co-worker could take a peek! When he arrived shortly after I did, he opened the box and checked out the order and gladly approved. I finished up a trade that I was processing, grabbed one of my Kara’s Cakery stickers and went into the fridge to seal up the box.

When I opened the fridge door, I noticed that the top of the box was slightly ajar – not nicely tucked in. I checked the box and to my horror found one doggie delight cupcake was missing… Why would Mike want to remove a cupcake? I wasn’t sure but I figured I’d ask him anyway. To my surprise (and his too as you can imagine) he didn’t touch any of the cupcakes. Within the small window of time between him taking a peek and sealing the lid, someone had wondered into the pantry for a coffee or something, spotted the box and decided to partake in what they probably thought was a scrumptious cupcake.

Now the rest is really up in the air… followed by a very stern All LAN users email (and apparently a good laugh for the majority of the people in the office – who some actually thought it was a joke). Who did it? Did they actually eat a dog cupcake with a grilled chicken treat on top? Did they take a bite, realize what they’d done and throw it away? Or did they enjoy it (god forbid!) and regret it when they saw the email?

To this day, I have no idea who the culprit is. But I bet they will never steal a cupcake from an unmarked cupcake box again! And you better believe I seal those boxes like there’s a million dollars inside! Maybe they should think twice about stealing a cupcake that doesn’t belong to you… I was so mad for a week or so after that. Luckily, the customer found it hilarious as I finally did.

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