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new installment for tuesdays

I don’t have any formal pastry training or a degree from a fancy culinary institute. I just like to bake. When I was little, I was given the privilege to mix up the brownies while my sister sat on the kitchen counter eagerly watching… and the best part was that my grandma let us lick the bowl (she left a generous amount after she poured the batter into the pan) – something that my mom would NEVER let us do. My grandma would also buy those logs of pre-made cookie dough and instead of baking it… let us enjoy spoonfuls of it. So my fondness for all things sweet started early. And like everything else… practice makes perfect.

So this is a little Tuesday installment I like to call “Useful Tip Tuesday,” where I share little tips that I’ve learned that would probably make a pastry chef say “duh!” Most of these tips come from mistakes I’ve made and little short cuts I’ve created. Feel free to comment and let me know if you do the same or any related funny stories!

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