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orders, orders, and more orders

This last week was a very busy week for orders and it looks like the whole month of May is following suit. In addition to my enormous 2 – 0 cake, I also had an order for some cookie bags for an HR event. Since the bags were for some out-of-towners, my intention was to welcome them to the D.C area. So they would obviously incorporate red, white and blue! I decided to stick with simple round cookies and ice them in the three patriotic colors. They looked great packaged up with a white bow! They were vanilla bean sugar cookies with vanilla almond royal icing. Yum!

Following my cookie order, I was honored to make a birthday/retirement cake for my second dad! Since he is very fond of sailing and the event was held at the local marina club house, I decided to create a sailboat theme and incorporate the marina’s burgees as well! For the sailboat, I used the buttercream transfer method. Since the design was somewhat intricate, I lost a little of the outline in the transfer process, but I just corrected it with the extra buttercream I had left over. The burgees were done by hand with colored buttercream directly on the cake.

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