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cricut cake…

Watch out… those crazy scrapbooking moms are going to become cake decorators over night.ProvoCraft has released a Cricut Cakeā„¢ Personal Electronic Cutter that makes cake decorating a cinch. I’ve never used a Cricut, so I’m not really in the loop. At first, I was disappointed. There’s something to be said for cake decorators that can make these kinds of cakes with their own cutters – the “old”way. I’ve done some fondant decorating and it isn’t easy. It takes time and skill. And overnight, all that skill is replaced by a machine. What will they think of next? A machine that bakes, tortes, fills, ices and stacks a tiered cake while you sit on the couch and wait?

I have to admit, the cakes that they are demoing are pretty neat looking. I suppose I shouldn’t bee TOO critical. In the least, you do have to know how to ice a nice looking, symmetrical cake before you can stick these cutouts on. You can go over to HSN for the details!

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