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have your cake and eat it… soon?

One of the most important parts of having a cake business is time management. When planning, I try to figure out the best schedule to bake and decorate the dessert so that it makes it to the customer within hours of completion. Why? For the simple fact that homemade/bakery sweets HAVE NO PRESERVATIVES.. or at least mine do not. Just for fun, I decided to look up the ingredients in a popular grocery store frosting…

… potassium sorbate! Yum! What about acetic acid and sodium acid pyrophosphate? Those sound delicious too!! Oh and better watch out for those tree nuts!!

Don’t get me wrong… I loveeeee me some Duncan Hines frosting! But next time, challenge yourself to make your own frosting!! You can’t get those hard-to-pronounce flavors in your local Penzey’s!

I didn’t look at the nutrition… mine is more than likely several times the calories : – )

Look up your favorite flavors and their ingredients here!

WARNING: Do yourself a favor and don’t look up “sodium acid pyrophosphate” on Wikipedia while eating lunch…

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