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holiday cards and labels

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It is that time of the year! Time to send out Holiday cards!! I think it is always fun to make your own cards. I bought my Holiday cards after Crhsitmas last year from Paper Source, so I did not make mine this year, (I did make my mom’s though!), so I wanted to add a personal touch. I absolutely love wrap around labels – they are  longer adhesive address labels that wrap around the envelope and display the return address on the back. However, I had a very hard time finding a template online so I made my own! Starting with a blank page, I just created boxes with the mailing address on one side and my return address on the other! I’ve noticed some labels wrap around the left side, some on the right. There’s no right or wrong way (at least not that I know of!) so I decided to have them wrap to the right!


Then, using two snowflake stamps and two blue colored ink pads, I made my labels seasonally decorative! You could use any stamp or colors. I’ve attached both options below! If you try them, be sure to send me a picture and I will post it here!! Enjoy!

wrap around labels_wrapleft     wrap around labels_wrapright

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