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breakfast cupcakes

My turn to bring in breakfast again.. I’ve brought cupcakes, quiche and bagels (after failed breakfast cupcakes). I tried making angel food cupcakes in hopes of a sweet but lower calorie breakfast treat, but working with angel food is much harder than I imagined.

Angel food cake is essentially a powdered sugar mix slowly added to a meringue. But what resulted was a sunken disappointment. They looked better than they tasted.

I decided to give it another go, this time using my vanilla cupcake recipe. I lined up some  blueberries, juice and zest of a lemon and a second shot at some cinnamon  streusel mix.

For the first batch, I layered cinnamon streusel and cupcake batter. A much better result than the first!

I also tried a lemon blueberry cupcake with cream cheese filling. It needs a little work, mostly because I wasn’t sure if it would rise and spill over the top of the cupcake liner so I stayed conservative with the batter. They are a tad small, but not bad for my first REAL attempt at breakfast cupcakes. We shall see how they go over tomorrow morning. I’ll grab a dozen bagels just in case.

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