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sailboat baby shower cake

In addition to the coconut birthday cake, I also made a baby shower cake for my best friend. Rachel was headed up this way¬† for her cousin-in-law’s baby shower and requested a cake. I immediately thought ducks, blocks, diapers – but this cake would be slightly more original. Rachel sent me the invitation and told me that Carrie wanted a sailboat on the cake – with lots of fish – in pastel boy colors. Given my fondness for sailing and sailboats, I was particularly excited to decorate this one!

The cake consisted of a chocolate layer and a vanilla layer, seperated with my raspberry brandy filling and covered in vanilla buttercream. I toyed with the idea of a buttercream transfer, but decided to stick with just piping the design free hand. I was very happy with the end result!

I think the fish were my favorite part! (… besides the fact that the shower gave Rachel and Drew an excuse to stop by!!)

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