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rubber stamps

I was reading one of my favorite blogs,, and she featured a link to Linda & Harriett’s blog of A lot of blogs and web addresses, I know, but the whole point is that I love rubber stamps too! I’m actually working on a line of stationary that is going to be part […]


I’ve been on the lookout for good deals on kitchenaid mixers (yes I have a cakery business and I do not own a kitchenaid mixer). I’ve been using my mom’s and love it. I’ve found a couple good deals on used mixers… but today my mom told me that she has ordered the professional sized […]


  If you haven’t noticed already, I do cakes. I work in the financial industry over 40 hours a week and need some kind of creative release. My interest in caking developed when I was younger and loved to make cupcakes. I made my first tiered cake for my 20th birthday party and made several […]