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true blood cookies

I look at a bajillion different baking blogs daily and every so often I come across one that I have to bookmark and add to my blogroll list. The latest one I’ve added is Three Baking Sheets to the Wind. First of all, Ali’s extremely creative. Secondly, she’s hilarious. And lastly, I think she’s somewhere […]

useful tip tuesday: creating a dam

There are a few instances in baking and decorating when a dam is extremely helpful. One: When filling and frosting a cake. You have the bottom layer of your cake and you would usually just spread your filling over the top then place the top layer of cake on top of that. Well… what if […]

orders, orders, and more orders

This last week was a very busy week for orders and it looks like the whole month of May is following suit. In addition to my enormous 2 – 0 cake, I also had an order for some cookie bags for an HR event. Since the bags were for some out-of-towners, my intention was to […]

girly cookies and cupcakes

For a girly get together this weekend, I made some vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, in cheetah and zebra cupcake papers with a hot pink fondant flower! I also made some lovely lavender sugar cookies. This time, I changed my sugar cookie recipe a tad. Instead of vanilla extract, I substituted a whole vanilla […]

useful tip tuesday: tutorials and youtube

I get so many questions about how I learned to do all of the baking and decorating that I do and people are surprised that I haven’t had any professional training – except for my Wilton Decorating Class #1 of course. First of all, you have to have an genuine interest in learning how to […]

new website coming soon

  The Kara’s Cakery website should be updated very VERY soon. It’s taking a little longer than I hoped, but there will be lots of new info and much better pictures!

useful tip tuesday: the perfect sugar cookies

My mom always hated making sugar cookies because they stuck to the table when you rolled them out and the ends always turned brown. Well – here are a few tips for making the perfect sugar cookies! 1) First of all – be patient. If the dough needs to be refrigerated, do it. This will allow […]

happy st. patty’s day

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without something green? Good thing I made cookies!

bacon on your cupcakes?

It seems that adding bacon to your standard confection is pretty popular right now. Chocolate covered bacon, bacon dessert bars, cupcakes with bacon crumbles – you name it, it is probably been made. I assume people like these combos for the same reason I like nuts on my hot fudge sundae – the saltiness and […]

gluten free baking

Upon being asked to make gluten free cookies, I set out to find the perfect gluten free flour substitute. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley and therefore, in flour – one of the most important ingredients in baked goods (hey at least is has nothing to do with the sugar…). Flour acts as […]